Is the University of Auckland hard to get into?

If you have UE then you’re basically guaranteed to get in. Don’t sweat it.

Those days are gone. The change in domestic student funding over 5 years ago put a stop to that.

When general BA and BSc majors started requiring a GPE for entry, there was a subtle but dramatic barrier put up.

For NCEA-based students that means getting a rank score well above the absolute minimum UE point.

For Special Admission applicants, it means, well “good luck”. The days of any over 20 NZ citizen/resident, without UE and/or UE but with a low GPE. being able to enter general Artsor Science majors guaranteed are over.

How hard is it for an international student to get into University of Auckland?

Actually, it is very easy to get in if you can afford it. Don’t expect scholarships. There are many consultancies who have partnered with Auckland; they can help you get in easily. So, you don’t need very high grades, extracurriculars and all. All you need is you need to satisfy their minimum requirements and ability to pay full tuition fees. If you are an Indian, all you need is good score in IELTS, and minimum percentage. That’s it! It’s a cake walk, to be honest.