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Which referencing style is the right one?

There are literally hundreds of different referencing styles from which to choose when you are citing the sources of your research material. Different academic disciplines have differing priorities of what is important to the subsequent reader of an academic paper, and different publishing houses have differing rules about the citation of sources.

Referencing styles used at the University of Auckland

Click on the referencing style you want to find out about. Remember these are intended only as a guide and you should always use the referencing style your lecturer recommends. Once you have selected a referencing style, you must follow the same style consistently.

ArtsHarvard, Chicago*, MLA*, APA*, University of Auckland Style
Business and EconomicsAPA*
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Creative Arts and IndustriesAPA*, Chicago*, HarvardMLA*
Education and Social WorkAPA*
Engineering APA*, Harvard, Chicago*, IEEE
See also New Zealand Law Style Guide
Medical and Health SciencesVancouver*, APA*
ScienceSee referencing styles recommended by Science Departments
See also Scientific style and format : the CBE manual for authors, editors, and publishers