university of otago acceptance rate

Does anyone know what are the acceptance rates like for Otago and Auckland universities?

Pretty sure they don’t need to publicise “acceptance rates” because you don’t have to “apply” so much as just meet the qualifications and be given guaranteed acceptance. Look on their sites for “entry requirements” and you’ll find what you need to do to meet them. Essentially, get UE and enough credits.level 2Ineedtowritethisdown

The best thing about education in New Zealand, everybody gets a chance even if they didn’t go to a spectacular school that got them in top 2% of the country and no one is going to judge you for going to a university that is less competitive to get into because they all aren’t! Somehow university graduates in New Zealand seem to come out knowing a lot more than the ones in Australia, despite the competitive entry there and their high rankings.

Entry requirements

A university entrance qualification is essential for admission to the University of Otago

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