What can you study at Otago University?

There are a number of qualifications at the University of Otago which are considered general bachelors’ degrees and are subject to the Entry Pathway system.

Programmes considered general bachelors’ degrees:

A number of other courses are also subject to the Entry Pathway system:

Standard requirements

General bachelors’ degrees are normally taken over three years and require a minimum of 360 points. At least 180 of these points must be above 100-level, and at least 72 must be at 300-level in your major subject.

There must be a major subject in every general degree, which means that you must satisfy the requirements specified for that subject.

In a BA, MusB, BPA, BTheol, BSc, BAppSc, BCom, BHealSc, or BASc degree you also have the option of having a minor subject specified.

In BA, BCom, BSc, BTheol, and MusB degrees you can include up to 90 points of papers from other degrees.

In the BAppSc degree the number of points permitted for papers from other degrees varies depending on your choice of major and minor subjects.

Most ordinary bachelors’ degrees and many of the specialised bachelors’ degrees have Honours degrees allied to them (e.g. BA and BA(Hons)).